Monday, July 25, 2016

Cyclists in the Land of Bicyclists

In the sea of bicycles at Amsterdam Centraal, yours truly managed to find a space. Yes you read that right. I took this picture so I wouldn't forget where I put it because one morning, I could not find my bike and was convinced someone stole it (whyyyyyyy why my tiny bike?? who wants that?) – negative I parked it further up the night before, inebriated, and outsmarting my next-day self. So anyway, what do we have in this picture? A couple tourists perhaps? With the most gaudy orange bags-or-whatever-that-is-in-the-front, along with *gasp* helmets, and the man even has gloves on -_- he's ready to drive his bicycle instead of ride it. Just embrace that for once, you are in the city where you do not need to fight cars to share the road. Welcome to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam July 2016

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