Monday, October 20, 2014

Dutch Bike Store Opens in Wynwood

Wow finally a Dutch bike store in South Florida! Check out Orange Pedal ! Going down to Wynwood in Miami to check them out sometime soon, probably Nov 8th.

Quoting The Daily Wood:

"Orange Pedal’s description says it best after my tour of the store today, “Orange Pedal is not your regular bikes shop, We don’t sell bikes with 100 gears, or clothes to help you reduce drag but we do have the most stylish rides around and tons of accessories to insure a chic, comfortable and safer journey!” Kelly, the owner of Orange Pedal, told me they will only be carrying Dutch and Dutch style bicycles. When I was in the store; Kelly pointed out her favorite bike to be the Black Gazelle which is a top of the line bike in the price range around $1,500. Kelly describes the Gazelle to be functional, user friendly and easy to maintain. In addition to the bikes, Orange Pedal will be carrying messenger bags, helmets, shirts, accessories for bikes and bikes made for young children. Kelly plans to do bike rentals in the future. Wynwood was the perfect spot to open their first store as she described Wynwood as developing quickly and constantly and that she wants to bring an emerging product to an emerging neighborhood. “We are a destination bike shop ready to supply all of Miami in the most fashionable rides”- Kelly. Orange Pedal is located at 310 NW 26 St."

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