Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jeff and Lynelle

Met up again with wonderful pair Jeff and Lynelle at the Green Market and rode around to some consignment shops. Jeff brought his 80's Sparta Dutch bike that he found at a thrift shop locally! It has a working dynamo and is in amazing condition. That's such a lucky find. Another new addition to the Palm Beach Dutch Bike club. Lynelle rode on her cute Electra Townie with awesome baskets and found a cute dog statue to adorn it with.

My two bikes plus Jeff's Sparta

2013 Christmas Choppernite

Stumbled gratefully upon the Christmas Choppernite ride that was headed into downtown by sheer stroke of luck after departing my friend's shop event. A good 100+ people ride, fun as always. Met two lovely people, Jeff and Lynelle, who had fab bikes! Jeff, as it turns out, has a dutch bike! He builds and repairs bikes, as well as crafting entirely new ones. Raphael was there as well, towing an entire christmas tree!

Our 600-ton "Sandi" the Sand Christmas Tree in Downtown West Palm Beach