Monday, May 13, 2013

Sunfest Shenanigans

Sunfest is an annual music festival on Downtown West Palm Beach's waterfront, the largest in the state, and it attracts thousands of people into the area. This year I volunteered at the Bike Valet, sponsored by the DDA, and had a great time at the event! This year was also the first that they brought Life in Color to Sunfest, basically a mini Ultra-like DayGlow paint party that ended at 11pm and ended with throngs of paint-splattered kids descending upon Clematis and washing their clothes in our fountains. Hope they are right about the paint being environmentally-friendly (and drainage friendly). My friend Melissa joined me with her rad bike!

Melissa and her rad bike
Paint party aftermath
Washing paint off in the fountains

Fireworks from our balcony
Sunfest Fireworks

And the last laugh of the night
Crazy lady with her feet out

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