Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rails and Trails

Rough tread 20130326317 162
Rough tread 20130326317 162, a photo by Luton on Flickr.
Honestly...if they're going to develop the FEC corridor here, why not build a cycle path alongside? It would be the greatest thing to come to South Florida since they added another line on the craptastic Metrorail. It's being done in other cities and this is evidence of it!

Via Flickr:
Alongside the E&N rail line in suburban Esquimalt, near Victoria, BC, a new commuter cycling corridor is emerging in bits and pieces as new lengths of trail are being constructed to link up with some sections already completed.

Intersection projects and other challenges are being planned through also and an official opening of some length of the trail should take place later in 2013.

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