Monday, February 4, 2013

Runway Chic

Christi's Runway Boutique
Runway Chic

We have many consignment shops around Downtown West Palm and one of my favorite ones is Christi's Runway Consignment Boutique. She is the embodiment of chicness in every which way, including cycle! She lives in my building, on my floor coincidentally, and opened her shop a couple blocks away. Ever since I started riding over on my bike to her shop and parking it front, more people would stop by and enter (because of it). She's wanted a similar fashionable bike to put out in front to achieve the same effect and we happened to find the perfect one for her: A Missoni-designed Electra Amsterdam just waiting for her on CL! After a week long debacle with the seller, she brought it home. It was just made for her! And with a chic Dutch touch, also cleverly matching her chic outdoor cafe ensemble! Stay tuned for a fashion-inspired modelling photoshoot by bike! Here's a sneak preview of the lovely and always fashionable Christi:

Christi's Runway Cycle Chic
Christi's Runway Cycle 

Christi gladly promotes Runway Boutique as a Bicycle-Friendly Business and of course loves to snap pics of her customers' rides! We can definitely say we are a head-turning duo with our bikes here in Downtown!

Christi's Runway Cycle Chic
Christi's new bike!

Christi cycles to the fresh Green Market on Clematis every Saturday morning to pick up beautiful sunflowers to brighten up her shop!

Christi's Runway Boutique is located at 421 S Olive Ave., West Palm Beach, FL 33401 and follow her on Twitter: 

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