Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bicycling West Palm 1.0

This is my first video that I attempted to make to sort of showcase biking around the waterfront of downtown West Palm Beach and down Worth Avenue on Palm Beach Island. Pardon the terribleness because I was trying to use my iPhone for this and it was the middle of the night. I think I will be looking for different bicycle mounting options for next time.


  1. Just found this blog. Thanks so much for carrying the flag for bicycles. Thought I'd share my story of cycling in Palm Beach:
    I'm a winter visitor for many years, bringing my kids to see their grandparents. After many years of hauling them from Palm Beach to West Palm in a car, I realized that it is only 10 minutes by bike from their house to most points in downtown West Palm. So now we rent bikes when we're down there, and ride. I also attended a conference at the convention center by myself in May; I rented a bike instead of a car.

    If only some of the key intersections could be made more bike-friendly, I would stop renting a car -- and clogging your streets with it -- and use only bikes for my family. Easy fixes: South County and Sunset in Palm Beach; Okeechobee Bridge and Flagler (how do I get my kids safely to City Place?). You get the idea.

    West Palm and Palm Beach could be even bigger family destinations, where people would go there so they can have healthy lifestyles -- IF bicycling were safer.

    1. Hi there! I am glad you found my blog and I am glad you find the area generally pleasurable to cycle in. I cycle from WPB to PB and vice versa quite often. On PB there are some aggressive drivers surprisingly and some aggressive intersections. I've had confrontations on South County near Sunset so I feel your pain. Generally PB is friendly and they have lots and lots of cyclists. The problem is they're on the sidewalks and when they go into the street, motorists panic. The sidewalks on PB have way too many utility poles smack dab in the middle to make them efficient for cycling safely on them in most places.

      I live a couple blocks north of the Okeechobee Blvd (Royal Palm Bridge) and Flagler intersection and here is an easy way to get to CityPlace: when you come down the bridge, if you are on the right side of the bridge just make a right and continue along the waterfront trail north. If you are coming from the left side, turn left and at the end of the path you can loop a U-turn and go under the bridge to safely continue on the watefront trail (on video). There are many crossings from the waterfront trail across Flagler that you can use. I left out one part of the video that shows me going up this tiny winding trail in between the Trump Towers and the bank on the right. Takes you to the Olive/Hibiscus intersection and all you have to do is just go straight up Hibiscus to CityPlace. I live right there so I go back and forth constantly.

      I agree that we have a great potential to be a cycling mecca in South Florida and we can make Miami jealous. We are working to address issues in the area. Hopefully we can get a campaign going soon. Downtown West Palm will be bringing a bikeshare program in soon and we want to create Open Streets/ CiclovĂ­a type events to raise awareness and be a catalyst for change.

      Hope you keep following and stay tuned! :) We are looking for more voices to add to our advocacy if you want to join us as well and voice your concerns about areas that need help.