Friday, January 13, 2012


It's when something is just so bizarre that you don't know what to make of it. Your brain tries to process what's in front of you and it just comes up blank. Well 2 questions come to mind: 1) what is the drag weight of this contraption 2) and is this even legal?

Example Numero Dos: That he's so nonchalant about it is the best part!

"'s up a tree...because it can be. Totally ignoring the bike racks at the train station in South Miami and hitching the bike up a tree is how I roll. Just TRY to steal that." Maybe he's had some bad memories.

Just like this bird who knows it just got the end of the dock...

"Yeah...I pooped...I pooped a lot actually. Can't touch this."

Good night, Palm Beach!


  1. If the original batteries of the vehicle are weak, even lead-acid batteries will give some boost. But where are the pedals? They'd really extend the range! :D

  2. lol hence my "lazy" attribution to this particular individual. Maybe he got stranded once and this is his solution. Though how well do they work after a rain shower?

    1. i saw the owner of the mentioned on my way to work (around 10pm)a few nights ago. he was carrying quite a load in the front maybe 5 good sized boxes. my first thought was, "how creative"!

      btw, Happy New Year!

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