Thursday, September 22, 2011

My $50 find

I've actually had this bike for over a month now but with apartment renovations and all I'm just now getting around to posting about it!

I managed to finagle locally an old Dutch bike for 50 bucks. With a little bit of adjustments, it runs good as new. Replaced tires and fixed the dynamo system. Every bike shop that I went to whom I told about it literally dropped their jaws. That customers have lately been coming in and asking for bikes like these with full chainguards and if they had one, they could easily sell it for upwards of $600 whereas a regular bike of that age would be worth next to nothing for them. It's an old 3 speed with drum brakes in the front hub and is much leaner than my Behemoth Gazelle. It has a bit of a sportier geometry so there is some weight on the arms, making it hard for me to talk on the phone (yes it really is a shame dont kid yourself). It's great in that also I am not as afraid of leaving it somewhere as I am with the fancy Behemoth because it's old and already full of scratches and it was 50 bucks. There is also an obvious sacrifice in ride quality since it looks to be a much lower end bicycle. The Behemoth is still the Cadillac King of my stable.

My boyfriend, who partakes on daily train commute rides, commented on how some gentlemen this evening were praising his Amsterdam bicycle and denouncing their mountain bikes for how fat and knobby their tires were as compared to his slick thin ones by the catch phrase "man you must go fast". Well I guess whatever piques interest!

New bike

New bike!

Exploring West Palm Beach

Share the Road signs everywhere
Along the ocean on Palm Beach

Bridge to West Palm

Stormy Day
Along a soothingly calm Intracoastal

Mansions along the Ocean
In front of a McMansion on Palm Beach

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