Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ladies Night Bike Ride

I finally managed to make it out to a ride organized by a bicycle group here in West Palm that's solely for the ladies. I've been meaning to for the past couple of months but there's always something. I met a few very lovely ladies on their bicycles and we meandered our way to the beach and ended up at a dive bar finally. It was great to finally come out and meet other cyclists and make some new friends. Hopefully I will become more of a regular from now on. This ride meets Tuesday nights at the Carvel south of Southern Blvd so it's a good way to spend a weekday evening, especially if it includes beer. Sorry for the poor picture quality!

Keeping it classy

Trying to be ironic at a gas station

The lovely ladies at the El Cid Bar

I'll end the post with this photo of some cycle chic at any age! These ladies are on the Palm Beach Trail, a scenic paved trail along the Island for pedestrians and bicyclists.

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