Sunday, June 26, 2011


While yesterday I had my friend over and it was just us two on bikes, today my boyfriend's mom and stepdad came up to visit and it was great to finally have 4 bicycles! We actually saw a lot of bicycles and more parking spots popping up in CityPlace so that was a pleasant discovery. They really like the area because its a big city without the big city problems and its landscaped so beautifully and so friendly to non-car users that it made them resent living where the closest thing they can walk to is a stand selling chicharrones down in Kendall. They have to drive for everything else. And it's the same case with all suburb areas, especially around Miami and even in Port St. Lucie where Dasha is from and where my parents still live. You can't walk anywhere and nobody is ever outside. If they are outside, maybe they're burglars. When I was in school there, there weren't even sidewalks and so either I rode in the street or I had to ride on the grassy shoulders. I had a mountain bike and at least it made sense and had a purpose but it was so annoying. You really get what you pay for if you choose to subsidize the cost of living with the surrounding area. Most of your monthly expenses will be car-related. Or you can pay a higher up-front cost but then reap the long-term benefits. I find it heartening and warming that I am seeing more and more people on bicycles around here and cars travel nice and slow and are used to seeing them. When you see not only lots of pedestrians walking around but families riding around on bikes, you know your city has achieved something great in terms of urban livability and building for the people. The cars can be an afterthought. And for this very reason, it's great to have bikes for your guests and not have to worry about touring transportation. It's fun, it's pleasant, and it's just simply convenient and easy.

Another father and son riding around

Biking down Clematis Street

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