Monday, May 30, 2011

Bikey Shenanigans

So glad to have had 3 days off for Memorial Day weekend. We biked all 3 days and my car has sat untouched the whole time straight. Saturday I met up with Felicia for a nice bike ride and breakfast to start off the day. Great conversation, great food, great new friend :)

Afterwards, I went to go check out that flea market under I-95 in Lake Worth and at the same time look for the fabled Colombian fruits that I thought I had some chance of finding here. Talked to some interesting people who had no clue what I was talking about lol because I only know the Colombian words for them (lulo and maracuya). I ended up heading west past Congress after a suggestion and finally found the maracuya (passion fruit) and was so happy but still no one knew what lulo was. Eventually on wikipedia I found out that lulo is solely a Colombian word and the other word for this citrusy little fruitball is Naranjilla. So maybe on my next quest I'll ask for that lol. I ended up biking 20 miles roundtrip on Saturday which ended in my buying a small table and painting and how I had to bike the 3 miles home wobbly trying to carry it. The chair strapped nicely to the rear rack but the painting had to be balanced in a bag from my handlebars and either it kept hitting my foot or the spoke or it acted as a sail in the headwind.

Sunday the boyfriend and I rode our folding bikes down to the Tri Rail and took it to Sheridan Street to ride down to Hollywood Beach. There is that nice boardwalk with the bike lanes and this is like the most bike friendly area in all of the South Florida Metropolitan area. What's great is that the amount of people that try to go there creates a huge backlog of traffic that we EASILY glided past. We also then did not have to try to FIND parking and then PAY for it. It was so great and only took 15 min to get there! The way back was equally amazing as we passed the traffic backlog. We used to come there by car only to get constantly frustrated. Now we will never drive there again!

And lastly today, Monday, was a nice relaxing day where we took a bike ride to a burger joint where I enjoyed a nice veggie burger and he had the "Grease Beast" which had meat, fries, onion rings, grilled cheese, all etc stuffed inside this leaning tower of burger-iza. Later we had a nice bike ride down Flagler on the boardwalk. They closed off just the street portion for the Palm Beach Caribbean Jerk Festival but for a ridiculous $25 entrance fee no food included we weren't buying it. Overall really nice weekend!

Bike reflections :)

Good night Palm Beach!


  1. Hola Chica!

    Talk about sisters!! The novio and I went to Hollywood beach (in the exact manner in you described) Memorial Day weekend last year.We had a blast! We decided to go again when it was not so crowded. If you haven't already, you two should check out the beach at John MacArthur Beach State Park. Priceless....

  2. maybe someday lol or at least when the weather cools off some. Our next adventure might be to South Beach!