Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another Dutch Bike!

Two posts in one day! Wheew! Anyways I went out for a ride around town just down the street to the free concert playing at Clematis by Night. Naturally there were lots of other bikes parked around town. But then what did I miraculously run into? Another dutch bicycle! I nearly had a heart attack as I thought for sure for as much as I've ridden around that I was the only one.

Meet Felicia, apparently my sister from another mother who has not only a dutch bike, but also a folding bike too! (ridden by her boyfriend Mario who is Hispanic just like mine lol wow go figure) Felicia rides a Dutch WorkCycles Oma like Dottie from the blog Lets Go Ride a Bike and it came from Chicago. She won it in a contest and she rides it around town just for the sheer joy of it! Her other bike is a Brompton and she travels with it as well, just as I do with my Peugeot! She also loves wearing dresses and skirts when riding her bike so not only are there the Chicago bicycle lovelies but the Palm Beach ones too :)

Felicia and her Oma!

She has a crazy battery light where the red reflector was for added visibility

Felicia and Mario and all of our bikes shining!

Looking forward to our inaugural ride Saturday morning! I am just so excited that finally we really have Dutch bicycles in West Palm Beach and Felicia and Mario are just so great that I am so happy to have met them! Welcome to Palm Beach Cycle Chic!

Here are some photos of the other bikes that events downtown bring out:


Crazy hair dude jamming out to the free concert

Good night everyone!

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  1. Dear M,

    It was truly a pleasure meeting "my sister from another mother" right here in West Palm Beach, Florida! Who would have thunk? Around my area,I'm known as the "black chic with dreds who rides a black bike." You've put a name to my face. I enjoy your blog immensely as you've accurately described the beauty of West Palm Beach, Fl and beyond. You have a follower for life!