Friday, March 4, 2011


Finally got the stickers in that I ordered from a guy in Ocala on Etsy who does vinyl. One is a heart that says "Mon Cœur, Vélo!" with my website, for my portfolio. Like why not advertise myself? I put a couple on the Behemoth dutch bike on the rear fender and on the skirt guard. I also put 2 on the Peugeot, one on the rear fender and one on the metal chaincase. Also, I designed the logo for my friend Matt at ArcLight Bicycles and made some stickers as well for him. I will send his in the mail but meanwhile put one on my bike (Hey I am showcasing my logo work too ya know). He is a Gazelle dealer in Atlanta and owns Atlanta Cycle Chic.

Fotos, voila!

LOVE that ribbon so I put a bow :)

He wanted a vintage feel to the logo so I am pretty sure that is accomplished!

Rode to the library which stupidly closes at 5pm on Fridays and met a friend there and talked for what seemed like forever. He's one of the Downtown police guard guys and gave me some paperwork to register the bicycles with the police department.

One of the library racks. Seriously? all mountain bikes

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