Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Windy Day!

The Gazelle has a name! I named her Lola. The little Peugeot is Lyala. It's kind of a Russian thing that if you call something your "lyalyachka" it is beloved and rather petite. Lola to me sounds like the same but the beloved object is a behemoth Cadillac :)

Rode 12 miles roundtrip on Lola on the Island to Lake Worth to deliver some mail to my landlord who is in town at a hotel. He moved to California last year to pursue a job and he's visiting with his parents who came from Belarussia. The temperatures today were like 77-81, so wonderful! I have to ride my bikes as much as possible since the winter time is the only time of the year that temperatures are pleasant in South Florida. I have no clue how I will manage in summertime 90F + heat. Summertime is also the doldrums when it comes to wind: Stale, hot air. In the winter time it's much breezier and windier and there was such an awful southern headwind that the ride there was almost impossible for me to manage at such a distance so far. I rode to Lake Worth once before but there was not such a wind. The ride rounded around the beach directly a couple of times and it was beautiful but barely bearable.

The way back, however, was very pleasant :) and very fast! Since there was no headwind bothering me this time, I managed to take Lola all the way up to speed 6 for the first time and just cruised. I stopped to take a photo of her in front of a ton of kiteboarders ripping it up in the sunset surf :) However after this picture was taken, it was so gusty that it knocked Lola over from her artsy fartsy kickstand and she now has some scratches :( It's just a cosmetic thing but I guess the first scratch is the hardest to take. I'm trying to not have a heart attack as it shows she's ridden and not kept in a glass box. She likes to stretch her legs and would be a sad bike otherwise. I think my little Peugeot is getting antsy and so now its her turn to be ridden next time I go. I need a little break from hopping onto the Cadillac anyway. I have also now figured out how I made my bruises after I hit both spots again. Both are yellowing with a hint of purple quite nicely lol.

Here you can see both of the two kickstands on the bike.

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