Monday, February 21, 2011

Of Cars and Bicycles

 I missed most of what happened this weekend with the waterfront anniversary celebration due to being way too busy moving into a new apartment, including missing the fireworks. I did ride around with my dad for half an hour and there was just a dance party left on the lawn. Today I took a ride after work and stopped by the gallery I've been meaning to see with free exhibitions. This upcoming weekend is the Palm Beach Super Car show and for once, it will be free (the previous years the admission was like over $25 per person to see some cars–ridiculous). A guy came up to me when I finished locking up the bike to the bike rack if I had an electric bike, to which I replied no. He said he saw me coasting around and it looked like an electric bike. Go figure =)

Here is a YouTube promotional video for the SuperCar show:


Just a panorama of some bikes parked next to one of the docks


  1. Re: electric bike

    You know that beginnning craftsmen do a lot of work to made a lousy piece of work. Good craftsmen make good work. Master craftsmen make great works, and make it look easy.

    So if you make it look easy, maybe you're a master cyclist? :)

  2. I like your thinking :) He said he saw me just gliding around. Americans just have never seen dutch bicycles but they are seeing more and more electric bicycles and they look weird so he put two and two together and came up with that lol.