Friday, February 4, 2011

New Gazelle! And an Awesome Happy Chinese New Year!

I am happy to say that after a long tumultuous adventure, I have taken delivery of the beloved Gazelle. It surprised the shop owners it was delivered to as well as people on the street! Thank you again to Palm Beach Trail Bicycle Shop for all of their help in getting it ready for me and a HUGE thank you thank you thank you to Mr. Matt Forbes of ArcLight Bicycles in Atlanta, Georgia for taking care of everything and selling me this bike! If anyone is looking into buying this bike, I highly recommend him as a dealer. He honestly just loves these bicycles and wants to spread the word! Great guy, great cause, great bikes. And it even came with goodies: a little seat pouch and an airpump! Yay! The bell makes such a lovely unique but super loud sound. I <3 it!

It's an 8 speed Toer Populaire with a traditional kickstand and Brooks saddle. People tell me it has to be worn in and will mold to your butt lol. On my first ride, I was amazed at how smooth it was and how longingly it coasted on and on and on without pedaling. I was also initially concerned about the roller brakes. On my Peugeot, its hard to brake with the handbrakes even with calibration and on a downhill incline in the garage of the condo, I almost crashed into the garage door. I was very VERY happily surprised that these brakes are so gently and easy because I started getting bruises from having to squeeze the Peugeot's handbrakes so much and so hard. I bought a beautiful purse rack that ingeniously goes inbetween the handlebars from The Bicycle Muse for my purse or books or what not. So now I don't need to fiddle with a front rack. That came in also today and I fitted it and it's just stunning! I don't have any direct photos but they have some on the site. This is really a must-have for ladies, in my humble opinion. It has a lovely spring that keeps the bag nice and secure and I feel more safe with it right in front of me than say, in the basket behind. It can also hold books and other paraphenalia. I also bought on Amazon a Basil Mirte shopping bag that is black & white and will look stunning on this beauty. Can't wait till it comes in! For those that don't know, it's a stylish Dutch single pannier-type bag that has hidden clips that attach to the rear rack. It's water resistant and has an easy zipper opening for a variety of goodies.

 I took my beautiful new bicycle out for the Clematis by Night and instantly had people talking to me about it :) People had no clue what it was. They thought the rear kickstand was some exercise-stand thing. One guy actually knew what it was and was surprised since he'd never seen one outside of Amsterdam! He told me it's awesome that it's so unique and really shows personality. I even gave one girl a test ride on it and she's only ever been on mountain bikes before. The cheapos from Wally World (Walmart). My dad was in the condo building working on the renovation of a unit we bought and so when he came in, I proudly showed it to him. I was literally beaming with a huge grin on my face. He fell in love with it because it just radiates quality and beauty and I think I actually got him into this whole Gazelle-dealer thing. I think he wants, maybe in the summer, to start marketing the "green" appeal of these bicycles. We'll see how that plays out. He might even ship them to Russia just like he ships everything else (Eastern European people love the business of shipping things to buyers in their native countries. This is just a fact of life that at some point or another, they all did this lol).

The lovely bicycle even fit in with the lovely cars :)
Oh how grandiose and regal you are. I hope you and the Peugeot will get along just fine <3 Please make me a happy bikey momma.


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