Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hectic week

With crazyness at work lately, I have sadly not ridden in over a week. I did however manage to get to the Art Festival in CityPlace and bought a lovely print from a nice Russian artist (support your people) that pictures a blue scene in which a girl is standing at the front of a tiny dinghy holding a lantern, staring up at a dark, mysterious, and humongous fish floating overhead. From the fish hangs a translucent drape and a dozen warm glowing lanterns. It's a very surreal scene and translates to going back to what we started from. How even when all technology comes and goes or fails us and we are lost in the darkness of the night, we will always have the stars to navigate with just as we have always. He said he was inspired by once being lost at sea when he was in the Russian equivalent of the Navy.

This Thursday is our weekly Clematis by Night and they're adding a free super car show. This times in nicely with when I receive my beloved and long-awaited Gazelle. Oh Gazelle, how I have waited so impatiently for you, in all of your glorious beauty, and yet must wait one more day. However I will boldly show you off on Thursday :) I will parade you around the promenade like my prized trophy. I can't wait to ride you and love you :) Oh and apparently it's also the Chinese New Year! How awesome does that coincide? XD

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