Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

Unfortunately I got sick with a cold this past weekend. Fortunately, I got myself out of the house and took a ride to clear my sinuses. The weather was picture perfect! They recently completed work on redesigning Worth Avenue in Palm Beach so I took some glamour shots of the bike fitting in perfectly :)


I took the Behemoth out and rode out to the bike shop to get the seat readjusted. When they initially put it on, I did not adapt to the size of the bike and had them lower the seat post as well as tilt the nose down. Then whilst riding for long periods of time, I noticed that a lot of my weight was falling again onto my arms to keep me from falling off the seat. I knew it would be harder for me to adjust to the new angle but it had to be done. So once it was, there was such a relief that I finally wasnt falling off and I am much happier now. After I got back in, I took the Peugeot out to Publix to get cough drops. I know all the photos lately have been of the Behemoth but I do ride the little Peugeot too, Lyala :)

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