Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Accessories :)

So I was debating whether or not to put on a front rack but after carefully thinking about what I might actually use it for (maybe my purse that's it) and the factors involved since it would be a pain in the ass (cost, possible custom fitting, cluttering, don't want to move the headlight, etc), I randomly stumbled upon that purse rack I mentioned in an earlier post. This rack is awesome because it has a spring and it uses the space inbetween the handlebars, which on an upright-position bike there is a lot of. It clamps tightly with two screws and no modifications needed! It fits my purses nicely and safely in my sight and if not a purse, I have found that even juice bottles fit there if there is no other space. The rack can be found at The Bicycle Muse website. The handlebar stem has a hole where the electronic dynamo wires go for the headlight with a black bumper guard around it. I had to clamp the rack higher up and tightly to avoid the area but it works just fine :)

The Basil Mirte shopping pannier that I ordered on Amazon with free super saver shipping also came in early! BTW the den in my apartment is now the bike garage lol. I like this bag a lot. It's pretty roomy and it fits snuggly on the rear rack, though it was a bit challenging to get it to clip on. The rear clips are a hard plastic and I'm always paranoid of snapping it. I think for now this fits well and I can carry towels and beach stuff on it. For now, it's carrying my cable chain and air pump.

I think the black and white matches nicely. I could eventually go for some brown traditional panniers but for now I think this suits just fine. I read a lot about panniers and the reviews for this one were very good and for now it takes care of what I need :) I also got these hooks from the outdoor store REI that are made of metal and can be used to hook bags up to the rack. I also used my purse on these and they are fairly cheap (http://www.rei.com/product/771122) when I needed to carry a juice bottle in the purse rack. So for now, Lola is all set!

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