Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Florida Winter Evening

In my next posting I will try to take photos of the elusive bicyclists around here! Though of course when I am not trying to photograph anything they are everywhere.
My orchid started to bloom again after a year as a bare pole

Monday, February 21, 2011

Of Cars and Bicycles

 I missed most of what happened this weekend with the waterfront anniversary celebration due to being way too busy moving into a new apartment, including missing the fireworks. I did ride around with my dad for half an hour and there was just a dance party left on the lawn. Today I took a ride after work and stopped by the gallery I've been meaning to see with free exhibitions. This upcoming weekend is the Palm Beach Super Car show and for once, it will be free (the previous years the admission was like over $25 per person to see some cars–ridiculous). A guy came up to me when I finished locking up the bike to the bike rack if I had an electric bike, to which I replied no. He said he saw me coasting around and it looked like an electric bike. Go figure =)

Here is a YouTube promotional video for the SuperCar show:


Just a panorama of some bikes parked next to one of the docks

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Full Moon on the Waterfront

Took a ride out with a friend tonight and lo and behold a gorgeous full moon! Had the professional camera with me so I had a bit of a photoshoot :)

Me and the Behemoth on Clematis

On the dock eclipsing the moon

Friend Julia and her bike

Presenting the trusty BEER BIKE XD some dude in the hall told me awesome lol

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Calm before the Storm

Managed to get back just as the storm rolled in and I started to feel the drizzle.

Sorry bad attempt at panorama as I tried to keep the seagulls away :/

Reflection in the elevator

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

Unfortunately I got sick with a cold this past weekend. Fortunately, I got myself out of the house and took a ride to clear my sinuses. The weather was picture perfect! They recently completed work on redesigning Worth Avenue in Palm Beach so I took some glamour shots of the bike fitting in perfectly :)


I took the Behemoth out and rode out to the bike shop to get the seat readjusted. When they initially put it on, I did not adapt to the size of the bike and had them lower the seat post as well as tilt the nose down. Then whilst riding for long periods of time, I noticed that a lot of my weight was falling again onto my arms to keep me from falling off the seat. I knew it would be harder for me to adjust to the new angle but it had to be done. So once it was, there was such a relief that I finally wasnt falling off and I am much happier now. After I got back in, I took the Peugeot out to Publix to get cough drops. I know all the photos lately have been of the Behemoth but I do ride the little Peugeot too, Lyala :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Accessories :)

So I was debating whether or not to put on a front rack but after carefully thinking about what I might actually use it for (maybe my purse that's it) and the factors involved since it would be a pain in the ass (cost, possible custom fitting, cluttering, don't want to move the headlight, etc), I randomly stumbled upon that purse rack I mentioned in an earlier post. This rack is awesome because it has a spring and it uses the space inbetween the handlebars, which on an upright-position bike there is a lot of. It clamps tightly with two screws and no modifications needed! It fits my purses nicely and safely in my sight and if not a purse, I have found that even juice bottles fit there if there is no other space. The rack can be found at The Bicycle Muse website. The handlebar stem has a hole where the electronic dynamo wires go for the headlight with a black bumper guard around it. I had to clamp the rack higher up and tightly to avoid the area but it works just fine :)

The Basil Mirte shopping pannier that I ordered on Amazon with free super saver shipping also came in early! BTW the den in my apartment is now the bike garage lol. I like this bag a lot. It's pretty roomy and it fits snuggly on the rear rack, though it was a bit challenging to get it to clip on. The rear clips are a hard plastic and I'm always paranoid of snapping it. I think for now this fits well and I can carry towels and beach stuff on it. For now, it's carrying my cable chain and air pump.

I think the black and white matches nicely. I could eventually go for some brown traditional panniers but for now I think this suits just fine. I read a lot about panniers and the reviews for this one were very good and for now it takes care of what I need :) I also got these hooks from the outdoor store REI that are made of metal and can be used to hook bags up to the rack. I also used my purse on these and they are fairly cheap (http://www.rei.com/product/771122) when I needed to carry a juice bottle in the purse rack. So for now, Lola is all set!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Windy Day!

The Gazelle has a name! I named her Lola. The little Peugeot is Lyala. It's kind of a Russian thing that if you call something your "lyalyachka" it is beloved and rather petite. Lola to me sounds like the same but the beloved object is a behemoth Cadillac :)

Rode 12 miles roundtrip on Lola on the Island to Lake Worth to deliver some mail to my landlord who is in town at a hotel. He moved to California last year to pursue a job and he's visiting with his parents who came from Belarussia. The temperatures today were like 77-81, so wonderful! I have to ride my bikes as much as possible since the winter time is the only time of the year that temperatures are pleasant in South Florida. I have no clue how I will manage in summertime 90F + heat. Summertime is also the doldrums when it comes to wind: Stale, hot air. In the winter time it's much breezier and windier and there was such an awful southern headwind that the ride there was almost impossible for me to manage at such a distance so far. I rode to Lake Worth once before but there was not such a wind. The ride rounded around the beach directly a couple of times and it was beautiful but barely bearable.

The way back, however, was very pleasant :) and very fast! Since there was no headwind bothering me this time, I managed to take Lola all the way up to speed 6 for the first time and just cruised. I stopped to take a photo of her in front of a ton of kiteboarders ripping it up in the sunset surf :) However after this picture was taken, it was so gusty that it knocked Lola over from her artsy fartsy kickstand and she now has some scratches :( It's just a cosmetic thing but I guess the first scratch is the hardest to take. I'm trying to not have a heart attack as it shows she's ridden and not kept in a glass box. She likes to stretch her legs and would be a sad bike otherwise. I think my little Peugeot is getting antsy and so now its her turn to be ridden next time I go. I need a little break from hopping onto the Cadillac anyway. I have also now figured out how I made my bruises after I hit both spots again. Both are yellowing with a hint of purple quite nicely lol.

Here you can see both of the two kickstands on the bike.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Palm Beach Island Trails

Here is a map of the trails on the Island that I took from Palm Beach Trail Bicycle Shop that highlights the trail areas on the island. Enjoy! I've ridden most of this and it's very scenic and gorgeous :)

New Gazelle! And an Awesome Happy Chinese New Year!

I am happy to say that after a long tumultuous adventure, I have taken delivery of the beloved Gazelle. It surprised the shop owners it was delivered to as well as people on the street! Thank you again to Palm Beach Trail Bicycle Shop for all of their help in getting it ready for me and a HUGE thank you thank you thank you to Mr. Matt Forbes of ArcLight Bicycles in Atlanta, Georgia for taking care of everything and selling me this bike! If anyone is looking into buying this bike, I highly recommend him as a dealer. He honestly just loves these bicycles and wants to spread the word! Great guy, great cause, great bikes. And it even came with goodies: a little seat pouch and an airpump! Yay! The bell makes such a lovely unique but super loud sound. I <3 it!

It's an 8 speed Toer Populaire with a traditional kickstand and Brooks saddle. People tell me it has to be worn in and will mold to your butt lol. On my first ride, I was amazed at how smooth it was and how longingly it coasted on and on and on without pedaling. I was also initially concerned about the roller brakes. On my Peugeot, its hard to brake with the handbrakes even with calibration and on a downhill incline in the garage of the condo, I almost crashed into the garage door. I was very VERY happily surprised that these brakes are so gently and easy because I started getting bruises from having to squeeze the Peugeot's handbrakes so much and so hard. I bought a beautiful purse rack that ingeniously goes inbetween the handlebars from The Bicycle Muse for my purse or books or what not. So now I don't need to fiddle with a front rack. That came in also today and I fitted it and it's just stunning! I don't have any direct photos but they have some on the site. This is really a must-have for ladies, in my humble opinion. It has a lovely spring that keeps the bag nice and secure and I feel more safe with it right in front of me than say, in the basket behind. It can also hold books and other paraphenalia. I also bought on Amazon a Basil Mirte shopping bag that is black & white and will look stunning on this beauty. Can't wait till it comes in! For those that don't know, it's a stylish Dutch single pannier-type bag that has hidden clips that attach to the rear rack. It's water resistant and has an easy zipper opening for a variety of goodies.

 I took my beautiful new bicycle out for the Clematis by Night and instantly had people talking to me about it :) People had no clue what it was. They thought the rear kickstand was some exercise-stand thing. One guy actually knew what it was and was surprised since he'd never seen one outside of Amsterdam! He told me it's awesome that it's so unique and really shows personality. I even gave one girl a test ride on it and she's only ever been on mountain bikes before. The cheapos from Wally World (Walmart). My dad was in the condo building working on the renovation of a unit we bought and so when he came in, I proudly showed it to him. I was literally beaming with a huge grin on my face. He fell in love with it because it just radiates quality and beauty and I think I actually got him into this whole Gazelle-dealer thing. I think he wants, maybe in the summer, to start marketing the "green" appeal of these bicycles. We'll see how that plays out. He might even ship them to Russia just like he ships everything else (Eastern European people love the business of shipping things to buyers in their native countries. This is just a fact of life that at some point or another, they all did this lol).

The lovely bicycle even fit in with the lovely cars :)
Oh how grandiose and regal you are. I hope you and the Peugeot will get along just fine <3 Please make me a happy bikey momma.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hectic week

With crazyness at work lately, I have sadly not ridden in over a week. I did however manage to get to the Art Festival in CityPlace and bought a lovely print from a nice Russian artist (support your people) that pictures a blue scene in which a girl is standing at the front of a tiny dinghy holding a lantern, staring up at a dark, mysterious, and humongous fish floating overhead. From the fish hangs a translucent drape and a dozen warm glowing lanterns. It's a very surreal scene and translates to going back to what we started from. How even when all technology comes and goes or fails us and we are lost in the darkness of the night, we will always have the stars to navigate with just as we have always. He said he was inspired by once being lost at sea when he was in the Russian equivalent of the Navy.

This Thursday is our weekly Clematis by Night and they're adding a free super car show. This times in nicely with when I receive my beloved and long-awaited Gazelle. Oh Gazelle, how I have waited so impatiently for you, in all of your glorious beauty, and yet must wait one more day. However I will boldly show you off on Thursday :) I will parade you around the promenade like my prized trophy. I can't wait to ride you and love you :) Oh and apparently it's also the Chinese New Year! How awesome does that coincide? XD